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Matching Game Product Review - great game

Children’s games are important for teaching turn taking, how to have good sportsmanship, simple counting, and other necessarily lifelong skills. But some games, like Chutes and Ladders and Candyland, that involve no brainpower on my part bore me to tears, and therefore, they’re usually only played with a babysitter or grandparent.

Everyone enjoys interacting with their children differently, I enjoy reading to mine, going on hikes, sports,crafts and playing games that aren’t completely mindless.

This Life on Earth matching game (what I knew as Memory when I was a child) is  great for playing with the kids while exercising the memory part of your own brain as well.

The game is well-made, which I appreciate.  The pictures are cute and provoke lots of conversation, about the animals, trees, colors, etc – whatever is developmentally appropriate for your child. The age listed on the box says 5+, but this game would work well with toddlers too, just as a matching exercise and animal identification, not necessarily playing the game correctly.

Life on Earth Matching Game is a lovely gift – either for your children, or for another family, and provides hours of rainy-day play and family time. You can find it here.

matching game product review - great learning toy




Quick Start – Clean Burn: A Hot Breakfast Shake to Get Those Fats In


fat rich clean burn hot coffee shake for stable energy

I was resistant to try blended hot coffee- getting out the blender seemed like too much work before I had consumed my coffee in the morning. But a friend was over, and she insisted we try it, and now you can find me firing up the blender with a baby on my hip each morning.

When fats are blended into hot coffee they become frothy – just like those fancy espresso drinks that are loaded with sugar and questionable quality ingredients and cost more than anyone enjoys spending.  Espresso drinks can be made at home, but they still take special equipment and the caffeine can hit your system in a hurry, leaving you jittery and then sluggish as you crash.

Blended hot coffee has delicious fats blended into one cup of regular coffee, which buffers the caffeine from being absorbed too quickly and from tanking your blood sugar.  The fat in coconut oil also leaves you feeling full for a long time, making a small breakfast give you energy all the way til lunch.

I’ve made this for the kids too, with decaf coffee, and they love it.  Some of you may want to avoid even the small amounts of caffeine present in decaf coffee for your children, it will depend on your family and your health choices.  Coffee is an area where I compromise health ideals – I really enjoy it. I know that some of my readers are skipping coffee due to adrenal issues, and that’s okay too :)

Blended Hot Coffee

1 coffee-mug brewed coffee. I use a Keurig, and this coffee.

1 tablespoon coconut oil (I use this coconut oil)

1 teaspoon unsalted pastured butter (Kerrygold)

1 teaspoon honey or maple syrup


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high 20-30 seconds, or until light and frothy. Be sure to hold the lid on the blender (I use this one) as the steam can lift up the lid and cause a coffee volcano.

Enjoy your blended coffee while hot and have long lasting energy all morning.

If you’ve found yourself drinking cup after cup of coffee in the morning, you might find that you’re satisfied with just one of these – I am!

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