Three Dietary Changes and Supplements that Can Heal Your Teeth: Cure Tooth Decay {PS It’s Not Fluoride}


Ramiel Nagel in the book Cure Tooth Decay talks about many alternative dentistry approaches. ¬†Alternative medicine is becoming almost mainstream, but the idea of holistic/alternative dentistry is still something that most people have never heard of, or if they have heard of it, they’re often skeptical. Both Cure Tooth Decay and Nutrition¬†and Physical Degeneration implore […]

Probiotics on GAPS {and a great sale!}


  Frequently I get asked about probiotics – do I use them? When do you start using them on the GAPS diet? How do you start? Do you continue once you’re off GAPS? What brand do I recommend? Do I use probiotics? I do use commercial probiotics, and I’m super picky about what kinds I […]

Summer Sale – Grain Free Meal Plans, Fermentation Class- and More!

Summer Grain Free Meal Plans sale 2014

Even when I lived in Arizona, I absolutely loved summer! What’s not to love? Sunshine, swimming, vacations, barbecues, fireworks, trips to the lake, SUNSHINE… With my desire to get outside and enjoy this season as much as possible, I like to simplify how we eat. I try not to let our eating habits slip in […]