Meatza: The Real Meat Lover’s Combination! Gluten, grain, GAPS, SCD & Paleo PIZZA

Meatza - the real Meat Lovers Combo Paleo - GAPS - SCD - Gluten free

Who says that just because you’re grain free, or even dairy free, that you have to give up pizza? The sweet-rich tomato sauce topped with all the traditional pizza toppings is the best part anyway! Indulge as often as you like, and carry on the homemade pizza night tradition with this Meatza. Pizza is now […]

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Easy Fresh Salsa that Kids Love!

Easiest Salsa Ever! - GAPS, Paleo

Even if you’re the type who loves cooking from scratch and reading recipe books cover to cover, you probably still appreciate words like “easy,” “fast,” and “healthy” associated with your recipe. That’s exactly what this recipe is. The magic ingredient in this recipes isn’t actually an ingredient – it’s the machine. A food processor makes […]

20 Egg free GAPS friendly foods (gluten free, dairy free, paleo)

Eczema progression egg sensativity

For years you’ve been asking for egg free recipes. And for years I’ve given you very few- eggs have been an inexpensive, nutritious, and versatile source of protein for our diet for the past 5 years and since we didn’t need to remove them, I didn’t have many recipes to share with you. But now […]