Simple Grain and Gluten Free Menu for a 10-day trial

Gluten Free Grain Free Trial

  It’s happening, summer is starting, kids are getting out of school, and before the vacations start is a perfect time to do that ‘I’ll try going grain/gluten free once the kids are out of school to see if it helps anything’ trial that you’ve been meaning to start. ¬†We’re actually going to do it […]

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Middle Eastern Lamb & ‘Rice’ with Cucumber Relish – Paleo, GAPS, Gluten Free

Middle Eastern Lamb & Cauliflower Rice - Grain-free, Paleo, and GAPS, from Health, Home & Happy.jpg

  Middle Eastern Lamb & Rice with Cucumber RelishThis is one of those sneaky meals that sounds, looks, and tastes like it took a long time and possibly an Arabic grandmother to make. But the truth is, if you can chop veggies and stir them with a spoon, you can make this meal. And if […]

How to Quickly Fill Your Fridge with Probiotic-Rich Cultured Veggies

How To Have a Veggie Fermention Day (1)

Cultured vegetables add not only probiotics, but also vitamin-rich vegetables, sour-salty flavor, and intense color to every meal. I don’t consider a meal complete unless it contains some sort of fermented food with live cultures, whether that’s milk kefir, high quality yogurt, kombucha, or fermented vegetables like those shown here. When I make cultured vegetables, […]

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