Grain Free Crockpot Recipe Roundup

GAPS Grain Free Paleo Crockpot Slow Cooker Recipes

I’ve been asked- yes, that’s a Berkey back there, I use the 1-1/2 gallon one with the extra fluoride filters. Purchase and learn more by clicking here.     Once you’re in the habit of using your crockpot, it’s a huge time saver and makes you feel so accomplished- you’ve got a hot dinner (or […]

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Making Nourishing Traditions Style Chicken Stock

GAPS Chicken Stock

    Chicken stock is said to have many health benefits, including being full of calcium (I tried explaining this to the pediatrician a few months back… didn’t go well. I sometimes forget that not everyone is as excited about real foods as I am) and other good things that are pulled out of the […]

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My $12 chicken

I got an organic chicken from Costco last week, actually two. I was wondering if it was way over priced, or if the value of food that I got was worth it. It proved to be worthwhile for me. I put it in my standard sized crock pot with some fresh ground pepper and sea […]