How to De-Seed a Pomegranate in 5 Minutes or Less – Picture Tutorial

bowl of pomegranate seeds

  Last week my son saw big beautiful pomegranates in Costco (we’ll be transparent here- I still shop at Costco!). I remembered how much I loved eating those as a kid, because of their mess we didn’t have them often. The kids and I had messily eaten one the day we bought 6 last week, […]

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Grain Free Low-Carb Coconut Flour Crepes

coconut flour crepes with berry sauce

We use these little crepes for everything- they’re fantastic on their own with butter, topped with berry syrup for a delicious breakfast, spread with peanutbutter for a traditional lunch, or even filled with taco meat and used as a tortilla.  For families that aren’t grain or gluten free, these are still great, because they’re high […]

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Nutbutter Brownies- Perfect for Healthy Lunchboxes!

Grain free nutbutter brownie recipe

These nutbutter brownies are perfect for lunchboxes. They’re simple to make, I like to double the recipe and then portion them out to eat all week long.  Nut free school? Use sunbutter (sunflower seeds).  Need to save money? Use peanutbutter. Otherwise, I recommend cashew or almond butter- yum!   Grain Free Nutbutter Brownie Recipe 1 […]

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