Huge Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Giveaway!

Caulifower pizza  recipe

  Stainless steel for the kitchen is such a treat to work with! Unlike plastics and nonstick coatings, it doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into your food. It also is pretty enough to go from prep to serving at the table, and cleans easily. When you’re dealing with food allergies, you want to make sure you […]

Smoothies as an Easy Complete Meal, Delicious too!

Easy Healthy Smoothies

My kids call these milkshakes, and I don’t correct them. Sweetened only with banana, these smoothies are a fast breakfast, lunch, or nutritious snack (though we don’t snack) that keep you going for hours!  The topping is just plain yogurt and fresh raspberries. We love raspberries, and purchase small baskets of them instead of candy […]

Almond Flour Cranberry Ginger Scones, Grain and Gluten Free

Cranberry Ginger Almond Flour Scones

Cranberries are my most anticipated seasonal fruit, they are delicious with ginger and a hint of cinnamon in these almond flour scones.  I love these with hot strong coffee in the morning, the tart burst of cranberries is a nice change from other sweet berries!  You can make these ahead of time, freeze, and then […]

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