How to Bake a Whole Squash – No Peeling, No scraping out seeds

Easy winter squash bake for baby - the seeds are way easier to scoop AFTER baking - awesome

Food for the first year is for fun, exploration, and a little bit of nutrition. For the first year, babies are getting the bulk of their nutrition from breast milk.  Some babies may LOVE to be included with real food in the family meals, and some may not care to ingest food at all, favoring […]

Your Doctor Isn’t Always Right: What drugs and supplements are safe during pregnancy?


This is an excerpt of one of the longer daily research prompts in my new book The Empowered Mother.   The ebook is a guide that talks about different topics 5 days a week for 42 weeks, to cover things step-by-step that you want to think about when welcoming a baby into your family.   Such topics include […]

The Benefit of Letting Your Children Become Bored

Allow preschoolers time to be bored

In this structured world with hundreds of activities aimed at helping children learn and experience life, does it shock you that I intentionally schedule in some time for my children to be bored? I try to be an intentional parent- my goals include making sure that my children know they are loved and that I […]