Simplifying and Being Intentional with Giving, Fundraisers, and Donations

Gifts I recommend - a nice wallet - kids - teens - adults

With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge overtaking everyone’s newsfeed, and school starting along with the fundraising requests that come home in backpacks, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk a little bit about how we look at giving, donations, and fundraisers.  This fits right in with our series on ‘we’re not minimalists, we just […]

Keeping Children From Feeling Deprived When You Own Less – the importance of adding back in good things

Minimalism without feeling deprived - health home and happiness

How do you keep your kids from feeling deprived when you’re still happy with your Wii while other families have moved onto the next 3 generations of gaming consoles? Or when the kids find out that other families take trips to the mall on a regular basis while your family might venture in once or […]

Tart Cherry Juice to Help Kids Sleep {Naturally raises melatonin levels}

tart cherry juice to help kids sleep an hour more

      Sleeping dominates many a mother’s group discussion. Is your baby sleeping through the night? (no), sleep training? (no again), when will they move out of your bed (I moved mine when I weaned them – around 2.5-3). What time do your kids go to bed? (7-8). When do they wake up? (until […]

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