Free GAPS Introduction Email Subscription (45 Days)

GAPS Intro Challenge

Thousands of you have already done this series, I’ve made a free ‘get started on GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)’ email series.  Free encouragement and help for the GAPS Intro diet sent right to your email box!

February is a great time to sign up, intro consists of a lot of soups, so it’s ideal to do in the winter or spring so you can enjoy cooler foods during the hot summer months.

The series is set up in a way that there are 15 days of prep, and then 30 days on the introduction diet, 45 days in total, and then the emails are done.

Click here to learn more and sign up.  

(if you have already done this, and you want to re-do it you can sign up with another email, or email me and I’ll delete your old account so you can sign up again, just let me know what email address you used)

I’ve also kept the GAPS starter package up, it’s not available at the super low price that it was in January, but it’s my most popularHealth Home and Happiness GAPS Starter Package books all packaged together for easy purchase and a modest discount.  See it here. 

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  1. I thought it was a 45 day subscription, but when I signed up, the confirmation said 30 days. I’m guessing a typo or forgetting to edit, but wanted to let you know.

  2. Cara, I’ve just signed up. Thank you!

    We are already a week into Stage 1 of GAPS Intro, but it would be nice to make something aside from our whole-chicken and veggie soup! ;) I have read much of my GAPS book, but have been mostly relying on the list of GAPS Intro. foods compiled on the Well Fed Homestead blog. I hope it’s accurate, because we have been using coconut oil (and I didn’t see that listed as a Stage 1 food anywhere else). However, maybe it’s okay as it was already a regular part of our diet pre-GAPS. I also have simmered some hamburger and onions a couple of times when the soup didn’t fill us up. Based on the list at Well Fed Homestead, I assumed that would be okay, as well.

    Anyway, what I’m REALLY, REALLY needing to know is how long we should stay on Stage 1. There is no straightforward answer in the book. We do not have diarrhea issues, so we can’t gauge it by that. I had thought a couple of weeks on Stage 1, but then someone who used it for their auto immune disease suggested 6-8 weeks and then another 1-2 weeks on each of the remaining 5 stages of Intro. What do you think? We are doing GAPS for leaky gut, autism, eczema, and food sensitivities (resulting antibodies, not allergies). Any seasoned advice you can offer would be so appreciated!!!

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