2014 Eating Seasonal and Grain Free Calendars!

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Health, Home, & Happiness 2014 Calendar!

Health, Home, & Happiness 2014 Calendar!

I keep a calendar on the wall in my kitchen (aka home management central), how about you?

Do you love to be reminded of the beautiful exciting produce that is in season throughout the year too?  Sometimes it just takes a friendly picture to spark culinary creativity and get the entire family excited about fresh seasonal produce.

Introducing the Health, Home, & Happiness 2014 Eating Seasonal Calendar!

  • Each month contains a tried-and-true grain and gluten free recipe that uses seasonal produce.
  • Recipes use common ingredients, so they are enjoyed by those who do not follow a strict grain or gluten free diet as well
  • Full color 8½” x 11″ format with metal spiral binding. Premium 100# Gloss Book stock from environmentally sustainable forests.
  • For every calendar sold, $1 will be donated to Talk About Curing Autism, an organization that provides educational help and scholarships so families can pursue alternative treatments for children with autism.

Presale, order now and !  $14 + $2 shipping (US only, any orders shipping to outside the US will be refunded).

Calendars will ship out December 1st and December 15th

Update – they’ve been shipped for 2014!  You can order through Cafepress down below still, but the ones I ship out are done for the season, see more for 2015 :)

Orders will be closed on December 10th to give me time to ship them.  I’m working on finding another supplier that you can order from after I close these orders, but the price might go up since they would be shipped on an individual basis.


HHH 2014 Calendar Grain Free GAPS Friendly Recipes on Each Page!


January – Orange Pepper Chicken Drumsticks

February – Coconut Pear Custard topped with raspberries

March – Cauliflower- Leek Soup

April – Pea and Radish salad

May – Rhubarb Sauce

June – Fresh summer Pesto

July – Homemade Sports drink

August – Ranch Dressing

September – Applesauce

October – Roasted winter squash

November – Homemade sauerkraut

December – Ginger Beet Soup


 august calendar

Don’t want to wait? This is also available through Cafepress, you can choose your start date, and they can ship it out right away!  Available as a recipe-free version (suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as those who just don’t want the recipes).

{this ‘choose your start date calendar’ is perfect for the school year and planning things over the holidays!}

August calendar


  1. How long will the presale be going on?

    • they’re just this price until I ship them out, then I’ll close it for sale (keeping calendars at home and shipping them out saves you money, but I can’t do it all year because of the mess :) ) and it’ll just be available through Cafepress :)

  2. Would you consider using PayPal, please?

    • These are using Paypal :) Both versions have that option- if you have any trouble, can you detail what it is below here and I can try to fix it? This is a new setup for me, so I’m still working it all out.


  3. Candi Rash says:

    I love what you do! Thank you for making my families meals delicious and grain free, as well as sugar-dairy-soy free. We are also legume free so I adjust those few recipes for us. I was hoping to see you release another set of annual meal plans that are even more budget friendly? I use an awful lot of nut/coconut flour because I am usually doubling recipes for our active family of six. Maybe some tips you use to make the food stretch that I’m neglecting without skimping on nutrition. I use portion control but there are times I can’t put enough food in their belly’s (military husband who weight lifts, three boys in-or-pushing teenage years, and a young dancing daughter). I’ve found putting as many veggies on the table and requiring they eat seconds of veggies/fruit first helps, but I need help with more varied salads and dressings apparently. :) I’m sure you are busy, and I know these are my challenges, but I thought I’d ask since you seem to have such a great God given talent. Thanks again for all you’ve done.

  4. ordered the calendar a while ago and still have not received it. just a heads up. please advise

    • Hi, they’re shipping out in November, as noted above. If you need a refund because you didn’t realize this, please email me and I would be happy to help. cara at healthhomehappy.com

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