Tart Cherry Juice to Help Kids Sleep {Naturally raises melatonin levels}



tart cherry juice to help kids sleep


Sleeping dominates many a mother’s group discussion.

Is your baby sleeping through the night? (no), sleep training? (no again), when will they move out of your bed (I moved mine when I weaned them – around 2.5-3).

What time do your kids go to bed? (7-8).

When do they wake up? (until now at 5:30-6 every.single.day.)


Until now.


I read a facebook post by my friend Genevieve at Mamanatural a few months back about tart cherry juice raising natural melatonin levels, and it had been in the back of my mind to try tart cherry juice, but I didn’t bother ordering it online at the time.

Then a couple weeks ago I was in the grocery store with only one child (as opposed to 3 – when I do it with 3 I’m not reading labels or looking at anything except for exactly what is on my list).  I saw this tart cherry juice on the shelf, checked quickly for other juices in it (the cheaper version had apple juice – you want 100% tart cherry), and then I gave about 2 ounces to my kids.

They wanted to know what ‘tart’ meant, I explained it was kind of sour.  They didn’t think so, and they’ve been thrilled to have it daily since then, other than the times that we’ve run out.

How did it work?

It worked great- The kids who had been consistently up with the sun no matter what time they had gone to bed (even after watching fireworks for the 4th!) have been sleeping til 7 or so.  They’re also sleeping deeper.

I love mornings, I’m a morning person and I’m most productive then. But I had given up getting up before the kids a couple years ago since no matter how early I got up, they woke up when they heard me get out of bed, no matter how quiet I tried to be. When they have the cherry juice I”m able to sneak downstairs and work, cook, clean, do laundry, and they still stay asleep until 6:30 or 7, so they’re able to get the rest they need to learn and play all day long.

I’m hooked!

Real placebo controlled studies

I love it when there are placebo controlled studies for things that I try, and there are for this. See the study here, showing the increase in sleep quality associated with taking tart cherry juice.

What we buy

I’ve bought the juice pictured above, and I just added this tart cherry juice concentrate to my Amazon subscribe and save order to keep on hand.  My kids are thrilled because we rarely buy juice.  I’ve added a little to smoothies as well.

How we use it

I just give my kids a couple ounces in the morning or afternoon – for us we seem to see the benefits regardless of the time they drink it.

And a recipe

Mamanatural has a cherry lemonade (yum!) that you’ll want to check out, it looks delicious and contains the same cherry juice that works for us!







tart cherry juice to help kids sleep an hour more



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New {School} Year, New Updated Meal Plan Pictures!

Best of the Grain Free Meal Plans Facelift

Since I put out the paperback cookbook nearly 3 years ago, I’ve learned much more about photography.  I’ve gone from providing you with a quick snapshot of what we ate so you could get a close approximation of how it’s supposed to look to being able to set up pictures to better do our nourishing delicious GAPS food justice.

Onion Coconut Flour Muffins

Onion Coconut Flour Muffins

Of course, I still have a bunch more to learn, but that’s the joy of life, right?

I’ve taken the past week to update some (but not all – there are a lot of pictures in there!) of the pictures in my paperback and e-book cookbook. This is what comes with the yearly Grain Free Meal Plan, you can choose to have it mailed in paperback version or if you’re outside the US, you can choose the option that includes the e-book version.

To purchase the book on it’s own, I also have updated the book on Amazon, and on Kindle.

To celebrate, I’m offering a discount using the code SCHOOL2014 for 25% off from today through 8/25/2014

This is good on everything I sell on this page, but the only things that have the new updated cookbook with them are

  • Yearly Grain Free Meal Plans (paperback cookbook, PDF meal plan files)
  • Cookbook (e-book version)
  • Health, Home, & Happiness Starter Pack (e-book version)

Why this month is a great time to start using the meal plans:

  1. You’re setting new habits for the school year anyway, whether you’re in public, private, or homeschooling, most families are getting out fresh supplies, setting a daily routine, and changing over from summer to fall clothes now anyway. Habits are wonderful because they take a lot of effort at first, but before you know it you’re on autopilot and making stock every week, including a ferment with every meal, and enjoying grain free treats.
  2. With everything else going on (oh I hear you, I have so many papers to fill out!) it’s nice to not have to menu plan. The cost for the yearly plan drops to less than 35 cents a day – 35 cents to save your time, brain power, and organization for things other than menu planning and grocery lists. Most people that I know who meal plan spend a few hours a week on planning, gathering recipes, and making grocery lists – where else could you use these hours this week?
  3. As the seasons change with fall approaching, this is a natural transition to homemade nourishing soups – something that is included at least weekly in the meal plans!
  4. The plans include pack-able lunches, to make packing the lunchbox a breeze.
  5. Many children learn better when they are avoiding gluten and food additives, these meal plans are gluten and food additive free!


Again, get a discount using the code SCHOOL2014 for 25% off from today through 8/25/2014.

This is good on everything I sell on this page, I highly recommend purchasing the entire year at this discount though – habits set this month will benefit your entire year!

New cookbook pictures


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