Troubleshooting Breastfeeding: Free Printable to tuck in your hospital bag or keep by your bed

Breastfeeding newborn troubleshooting printable

The breastfeeding relationship can either be the easiest thing in the world (Look at this! Milk! Right here in bed! Pre-made and pre-warmed!) or can be the most frustrating thing ever (This is supposed to be natural! And it feels like the most unnatural thing ever!).

For moms who want some help at their fingertips to navigate those first few days, and then later help them pump if desired, this printable is for you.  Print it out, it’s just one page if you print double sided, and keep it in your hospital bag. Some hospitals have fantastic lactation consultants, some just have a RN that happened to breastfeed for a few weeks as their ‘consultant’ that may give out poor advice.

This printable goes over the following issues, with a few different things to try to solve them:

* Problem: Baby won’t latch

* Problem: Nursing hurts

* Problem: Baby isn’t gaining well

* Problem: Baby is fussy

* Problem: I don’t think I’m making enough milk

* Problem: I can’t get anything out when I pump


Click here to get the free printable emailed to you right now!


This is also part of my Informed Mother: 42 Weeks to an Informed Pregnancy book, it’ll be in the back as a bonus section. Learn more about the book here.  It’s coming along quickly right now, I’m getting more and more excited as it progresses!


How to Bake a Whole Squash – No Peeling, No scraping out seeds

Easy winter squash bake for baby - the seeds are way easier to scoop AFTER baking - awesome

Food for the first year is for fun, exploration, and a little bit of nutrition. For the first year, babies are getting the bulk of their nutrition from breast milk.  Some babies may LOVE to be included with real food in the family meals, and some may not care to ingest food at all, favoring to get everything they need in the form of human milk. Either way is okay. I’ve had babies on both ends of the spectrum of eating, and in fact my largest baby (11 lbs at birth, over 20 by the time he started solids of any kind) preferred to only nurse for his food until 11 months. He grew fine and slept fine – the thoughts that moms don’t produce enough milk or nutrients for big babies (or small babies) is a myth, as is the thought that they will sleep better once they start solids.

Today we’re going to look at sweet winter squash and how to cook it super easily for the baby, and use it as a side dish for the rest of the family.  Busy moms with little ones underfoot will appreciate this no-peel method of cooking squash whole in the oven, it also makes the seeds super easy to scoop out as well.

Whole kabocha squash baked in the oven

This is a kabocha squash – it’s my favorite kind of winter squash, the bright orange inside is sweet and dense, it’s similar to a sweet potato in consistency and takes on sweet or savory flavors, as well as healthy fats, very well. Any hard winter squash can be used for this recipe.

Bake whole

First just rinse the squash, place it whole in a baking dish, and place it in the oven. Bake at 350 for an hour, or until it’s easy to pierce with a fork. Turn the oven off and allow to cool until it’s comfortable to touch, another hour or two.

Kabocha squash after baking

Open up

Slice in half- see how much easier it cuts after baking?

Scooping out winter squash seeds

Remove seeds

Scoop out the seeds and pulp- also much easier than doing this before baking.

Cross hatching winter squash for baby

Cross hatch within the skin

Rather than dicing up the squash after removing it from the skin, use a paring knife to cross hatch the flesh while it’s still in the skin to save time and create nice uniform pieces.

Winter squash baby lead weaning baby food

Serve the baby

Scoop as much as you want to give baby onto the plate.  I start with about a tablespoon, he’ll be able to pick apart the little pieces easily.  Add salt if desired, I added a little glob of coconut oil as well for healthy fats. I don’t encourage or discourage any eating from him, I just provide him with one or two nutrient dense options for meals.

Baby lead weaning easy squash bake and flash freeze for later

For the rest of the family

I like to serve the baby what the rest of the family is eating – you can do this same thing for them, cut into bite sized pieces and top with butter, coconut oil, or olive oil, sea salt, and pepper.

Flash freeze squash baby food


To save the rest, scoop into meal sized portions onto a stainless steel cookie sheet or baking dish that has been greased with coconut oil. Freeze until solid (overnight) and then transfer to a freezer proof glass container or freezer bag.


To thaw, pull one one meal sized portion, place it on a plate, cover if desired, and let sit out for a couple hours.  If you need it in a hurry, you can add a little chicken stock to a lidded pot, and simmer it over medium-low heat.


Interested in learning more about healthy baby ideas? I’m writing a book to help you make informed decisions while pregnant, and during the first year for things like starting solids.  Read more about the book here, or sign up for the FREE newsletter here for first food ideas, weight loss after pregnancy tips, and more!


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